Droop Snoot Group

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Contact information for the Droop Snoot Group

For general information and membership enquiries, write to:

Droop Snoot Group
Tracy and John Smerdon
17 Priors Road
RG26 4QJ

You can email various DSG contacts using the links on the right.

When you click on our email links you'll see a 'reCaptcha' window pop up with two distorted words in it. Type the words you see into the text box, and you'll be shown the email address. There's also a refresh button if you can't read the words, a loudspeaker button if you want to hear the words spoken, and a question mark button for help.

We hope you don't mind this simple procedure and it doesn't put you off emailing us; it's to check that you're human and hopefully cut down the amount of junk emails we receive.

DSG Membership

DSG membership runs from April 1 of one year to March 31 the following year. The full year's subscription is £25 per year; if you join part way through the year, we'll send you a selection of back issues of Droopsnoot Noos.

Membership for overseas members is £25.